At Gateway Diagnostic Imaging, we strive to provide the highest quality diagnostic CT scans in the Dallas-Fort Worth area at a price our patients can afford. Learn more about receiving a CT scan and what you can expect from Gateway Diagnostic Imaging.

What Is A CT Scan?

A computer tomography (CT) scan takes multiple X-Ray images of your body at different angles to look at your soft tissues, blood vessels, organs, and bones. Because a CT scan combines multiple X-Ray images, these scans are more detailed than traditional X-Ray scans.

Like an X-Ray, CT scans are non-invasive and painless. You may need a CT scan for many reasons, including to identify internal bleeding, detect conditions like cancer, or find blood clots, tumors, or infections.

What To Expect During A CT Scan

When you arrive for your CT scan, you may be asked to change into a cotton gown and remove any metal objects from your body, such as jewelry. Some scans are done with a special dye called a contrast material, which makes it easier for your doctor to see different areas of your body. If your scan requires a contrast material, you’ll get this prior to the scan by mouth or injection.

To begin the scan, you’ll lie on the machine’s table, which will then slowly move through a donut-shaped tube. You’ll need to stay as still as possible during the scan to avoid blurring the images. The technologist will be able to speak to you throughout the scan with an intercom in the machine. Unlike an MRI exam, a CT scan is very quiet.

On average, CT scans take between 10 and 30 minutes to complete.

Why You Should Choose Gateway Diagnostic Imaging For Your CT Scan

To make your diagnostic CT scan as easy as possible, Gateway Diagnostic Imaging has 12 convenient locations that offer extended weekend, early morning, and evening hours.

Our CT scans are also more affordable than many other options. We work with all major insurance companies, accept CareCredit®, and have financial assistance programs available to ensure you can access the scans you need.

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Patient Testimonials

This place has it down. I was in and out in less than 45 minutes and that was a CT with contrast! The people were all so courteous and friendly.

Steve M.

I appreciate the ability to get a CT scan done the same day. Technician was great.

Bill S.

Great staff, we were made to feel like we mattered and not just a number, like we’ve experienced in other places! I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Becky L.